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chrss update 8

By john

Nearly a month since the last update, but there's a few new things:

  • user niceties such as being able to change your password and resetting forgotten passwords
  • user rss feeds now filter out that user's own moves (so you no longer get notification after you've just moved - only when your …

Tackling the travelling salesman problem: introduction

By john

This is the first part in my series on the “travelling salesman problem” (TSP). An outline of what I plan to cover can be seen in the prologue.

To kick things off here's a quick quote:

The traveling salesman problem (TSP) asks for the shortest route to visit a collection …

chrss update 7

By john

Few minor background tweaks, but the major new feature in this upgrade is that you can now get an aggregated rss feed for all of a user's games. e.g.:


Is the rss feed for all of my games. If you are playing several games (as …

Me and an open house

By john

Well last night and today saw me performing a similar feat as last saturday, except I was wielding pencils, inks, gouache and brushes this time around. I'm part of an open house for the fringe festival in May and given it's April tomorrow I thought I'd best get working. There …

chrss update 6

By john

So I've now uploaded the results of the saturday morning code-a-thon. This means that you can now browse all of the previous moves and they also have a convenient URL. So if you want to show someone a move that you thought was particularly good/bad you can just send …

post £5 app

By john

So last night I presented chrss to the people gathered for the inaugural £5 app meet. We had a reasonable number turn up - thanks to everyone who came along. I probably didn't talk to everyone, but it was a good crowd.

As is fairly normal I did feel rather nervous …