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A turbogears caching decorator

By john

A while back I wrote a caching decorator for chrss. It's mostly used for the rss feeds, to help avoid having over-zealous rss readers slowing the site down. However I'm also now running it on a few other pages that were a bit slow (notably generating PGN files for games …

Unpacking Chumby

By john

So the Chumby finally arrived today. Heather had very kindly and sneakily managed to arrange for it to be sent from the US (seeing as it's not yet available over here in the UK) for my 30th. I have to say that so far I'm pretty impressed.

It's got that …

Brush-pen mentats

By john

I'd bought a brush pen quite some time ago, but hadn't used it massively.  I'd found that I needed a waterproof ink for the kind of stuff I was doing (mostly inking the outline and painting with water-colour over the top).

Anyway, I thought I'd revisit the brush pen last …


By john

Just a reminder that MASS is on for another two weekends (17th and 24th of May). The preview video above should give you an idea of what to expect and even briefly features my piece in situ.

Java Psion Link - post-mortem

By john

Quite some time ago I started a project to create a Java version of PsiWin. This project was Java Psion Link.

A little background

PsiWin was the bit of software that Psion provided to communicate/sync/convert files between a regular PC and their (now defunct) PDAs - such as the …

Mass portrait: girl with book

By john


Well it's finally finished.  I'd best get on with delivery to the venue...

You'll be able to see this painting as part of MASS which will be running on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of May.

£5app now has a wiki

By john

I've mentioned this on the £5app blog already, but I'd just like to point out here that there is now wiki page to discuss the future of the £5app meet. We want to get feedback and suggestions on where we should take the £5app idea and this is one way …