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A 5K Twitter Client

By john

So as part of preparations for the 5K App I'm writing a few example apps. The first one so far is a 5K Twitter Client, which makes it smaller than the Twitter logo itself (at 5.4K).

Check out the demo video to see it in action or download 5KTwit …

The 2nd £5app xmas special

By john

Well whilst I've been ill it looks like Ian has been on an organizing rampage. So as well as Aleks talking about Spaceship! we've also got several shorter talks/demos on:

  • Labs with mobile-phone based lightsabers (bluetooth+accelerometers)
  • Dominic Mason with a 3D iPhone game
  • Seb with Flash …

Turbogears, remember me

By john

So a while back I implemented a remember me feature for chrss. I said I'd release the code for it and am finally now getting round to it.

Please note that this kind of "remember me" functionality can represent a potentially security hole. It makes sense for some sites where …

Chumby podcatcher

By john

Here's a video of my Chumby podcatcher (podcasting client) in action:

And a couple of photos:

Chumby USB stick for podcatcher Chumby Podcatcher

Just finished getting a UI working on the Chumby. Last week I had the basic http server running in the Chumby and I could browse to it from my laptop and control it that …

A Second Chumby Widget

By john

I finally had a chance to do some more Actionscript coding for the Chumby again. The last widget I did was the bare minimum to get going and this one is only a little more advanced. In particular it's a simple analogue clock. All it does is show the current …

LOGON: Joshua

By john


Seeing as Wargames turned 25 years old this week, it seemed like a good time to do a drawing of David Lightman (Mr Broderick) just as he logs into WOPR for the first time. It's a classic moment in the film and shows a slightly more realistic view on hacking …