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chrss code coverage

By john

I've generally speaking been a fairly good boy when it comes to writing unit tests for chrss, but I know I haven't covered everything. Most of the focus has been on the underlying chess module, so I thought I'd best have a look and see what my actual unit test …

£5app blog

By john

Just upgraded the £5app site to include a blog. Pretty easy to throw together using Django. It'll need some refining, but the site is proving to be a nice easy way to get familiar with Django.

Generic views (in particular the date views) helped a lot. Also managed to figure …

chrss update 16

By john

This update includes a fairly major refactoring of chrss's chess engine. It should make it easier to add new features in the future.

Beyond that the only (noticeable) new feature is that you can now get the Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) for a game. This is a standard format for describing …

The obligatory moo cards

By john


With dConstruct just over a week away I've received my moo cards with plenty of time to spare.

All of the designs are from illustrations/paintings I've done, so at least they are nice and personal. I could have done with spending a bit more time in Photoshop before hand …

Moleskin upload

By john

An assortment of sketches from my moleskine. In order - a sneaky sketch of my sister, several drawings from Istanbul (which I visited with a friend earlier in the year), a rough acrylic of Heather and a sketch of Lolita (Heather's sister's dog) from Barcelona:

moleskin_cat.jpg moleskin_istanbul1.jpg


moleskin_istanbul3.jpg moleskin_istanbul4.jpg moleskin_istanbul5.jpg

moleskin_heather.jpg moleskin_lolita.jpg

chrss has moved

By john

Just a quick note. Chrss has now been moved to I've setup redirects from the old site on psychic origami, so it should just happen naturally. Thought I'd best just make note of it here though too (in case anyone was wondering). mk 2

By john

After finding some more spare time is now running on Django.

Features that can be seen include an rss feed for the next meetup and some microformats splashed around.

Beyond that the main reason for the move was to gain Django's admin interface. Beats hacking html by hand …

Playing with paint: girl with red hair

By john

Another red haired girl. Sticking to same style/colours etc as previously. Think this might end up being a series of very similar paintings, which hopefully will let me slowly improve my technique with each one.


chrss update 15

By john

More additions to chrss:

  • displaying English tool-tips/hover-overs for moves
  • confirmation of move now describes the move to be made in English
  • number of games that it is your turn to move now displayed when logged in
  • "diagram" link to for current game board (as well as when …