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chrss update 14

By john

Well it turns out that NetNewsWire's javascript confirm() function doesn't actually show a dialog. Instead it just returns false. So if you browsed from the feed to a game and tried to press the resign button not much would happen, as the javascript would behave as if you'd hit … is now live

By john

So finally got around to putting something up on It's just a single static PHP for now, more well well appear when I get around to it. We'll be listing details of future events and summarising past ones there. Just need to start playing around with Django next …

chrss update 13

By john

A very quick update to chrss:

  • AJAX-style move selection - choosing which piece to move no longer reloads the whole page (if you've got javascript turned on)
  • Bug fix for chess engine - on the initial move it was possible to move a pawn through a piece that should have been in …

Playing with paint: Girl and an Altair 8800

By john

So playing with a bit more paint I thought I'd have a go at drawing something from my head. I'd just been reading the Diamond Age and had vague ideas along the lines of drawing Nell with the primer. Didn't turn out quite that way (just went with what seemed …

chrss update 11

By john

Another update, where most of the work is under the hood, but I did catch a couple of small bugs in the sign up process.

Apart from that, visible changes are:

  • It should be easier to sign up as you are joining a game now - a user shouldn't need to …

Playing with paint: a bit of bowie

By john

So I've decided to try more painting, rather than drawing and inking. So needing a subject matter, Mr Bowie seemed to fit the bill. I also happened to have young americans on vinyl, so there was a picture to hand. I didn't spend too long on it, but here's the …