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5K Morse Code App Using Capslock LED

By john

This is probably my first attempt at "literary programming", though using that phrase may be taking liberties a little. In this case by "literary programming" I mean - programming inspired by literature. The literature in question is Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Cryptonomicon already features a Perl script in it's pages, but …

Client-side sql databases in Javascript

By john

It occurred to me that I didn't really go into much detail about the local storage part of my 5K TODO app. It's quite a neat piece of tech and because it works in Safari it also works on the iPhone. That obviously means you can use javascript+local storage …

Packing Python scripts for the 5K app

By john

So far for the 5K App I've written two example apps - one in Java and one in Javascript. This is partly so that I can figure out how the rules for the competition will need to work. In a lot of 4K competitions a single language is chosen, so things …