post £5 app

So last night I presented chrss to the people gathered for the inaugural £5 app meet. We had a reasonable number turn up - thanks to everyone who came along. I probably didn't talk to everyone, but it was a good crowd.

As is fairly normal I did feel rather nervous before hand, but felt better once I got going. Pretty happy with how my presentation went. I maybe spoke for a bit longer than I'd planned (waffling a bit when it came to the technical side), but managed to field quite a few questions so worked well.


After my presentation, Ian talked about ShowMeDo. Ian focussed more on things like how to grow a community and that seemed to resonate well - sparking a fair bit of conversation. He did a really good job of getting across what he and Kyran had done to get ShowMeDo to the point it is now.

As well as the planned talks from Ian and myself we also had artwork on display from shardcore (including Edison and Topsy):


So all in all it went well. It will be interesting to see how this meetup progresses from here. The next one should be in about a month.

[edit: Ian's got a post up too:£5-app-great-inaugral-night/ ]