How to sew a felt horse

I’ve clearly picked up the making felt toys bug. For Christmas this year I ended up making a pair of felt horses for two of my cousin’s children:

A pair of felt horses

I thought I’d have a go at writing up the instructions for how I did this – complete with template for making your own:

How to sew a felt horse

It’s pretty easy really. As long as you can sew some backstitch you should be able to make this easily. If not then it might not be the worst first project to try either!

4 thoughts on “How to sew a felt horse

  1. Totally cute! Thanks for the detailed instructions. Do you think I’d have any issues with using fabrics other than felt? I’m picturing doing some really colourful horses with the girls over Easter. It’ll be a beginner’s adventure but your instructions inspire a little confidence. Cheers.

  2. I used a similar design to make a cat out of a cotton/hessian mix. It was a bit trickier, as the fabric didn’t stay put quite as well as felt, but it was possible. The main trick is making sure that the parts with tight turns have a couple of extra stitches and that you leave enough space to turn it all inside out of course!

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