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5K Morse Code App Using Capslock LED

By john

This is probably my first attempt at "literary programming", though using that phrase may be taking liberties a little. In this case by "literary programming" I mean - programming inspired by literature. The literature in question is Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Cryptonomicon already features a Perl script in it's pages, but …

Packing Python scripts for the 5K app

By john

So far for the 5K App I've written two example apps - one in Java and one in Javascript. This is partly so that I can figure out how the rules for the competition will need to work. In a lot of 4K competitions a single language is chosen, so things …

A 5K Twitter Client

By john

So as part of preparations for the 5K App I'm writing a few example apps. The first one so far is a 5K Twitter Client, which makes it smaller than the Twitter logo itself (at 5.4K).

Check out the demo video to see it in action or download 5KTwit …

The 2nd £5app xmas special

By john

Well whilst I've been ill it looks like Ian has been on an organizing rampage. So as well as Aleks talking about Spaceship! we've also got several shorter talks/demos on:

  • Labs with mobile-phone based lightsabers (bluetooth+accelerometers)
  • Dominic Mason with a 3D iPhone game
  • Seb with Flash …