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Playing with paint: girl with a 286

Following (chronologically in chip fabrication order) on from Girl and an Altair 8800 and Girl and an Apple II is “Girl with a 286”:

Girl with a 286 the final version

The 286 in question being Intel’s 80286 chip – the motherboard of which can be seen in the background of this painting.

This particular painting is much larger than the previous two. Rather than the A4 size of the previous, it’s 40″ tall. This is because it will be featured in Congregation 2009 along with many other “life-size” portraits.

So if you want to see this painting in the flesh please go visit St Paul’s Church from the 4th-25th of May between 1.30pm and 4pm.

LOGON: Joshua

Seeing as Wargames turned 25 years old this week, it seemed like a good time to do a drawing of David Lightman (Mr Broderick) just as he logs into WOPR for the first time. It’s a classic moment in the film and shows a slightly more realistic view on hacking/cracking. None of this “re-routing the encryption codes” nonsense. Good old-fashioned sleuthing and intuition instead.

Brush-pen mentats

I’d bought a brush pen quite some time ago, but hadn’t used it massively.  I’d found that I needed a waterproof ink for the kind of stuff I was doing (mostly inking the outline and painting with water-colour over the top).

Anyway, I thought I’d revisit the brush pen last night.  So I did a few sketches with it:

The sketches include the mentats, Piter de Vries and Thufir Hawat, as well as a certain girl sleeping.  Very pleasant working with the brush-pen, as it’s nice and quick and the results look quite striking.  Think I’ll be doing a few more of these.