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Turbogears, remember me

By john

So a while back I implemented a remember me feature for chrss. I said I'd release the code for it and am finally now getting round to it.

Please note that this kind of "remember me" functionality can represent a potentially security hole. It makes sense for some sites where …

A turbogears caching decorator

By john

A while back I wrote a caching decorator for chrss. It's mostly used for the rss feeds, to help avoid having over-zealous rss readers slowing the site down. However I'm also now running it on a few other pages that were a bit slow (notably generating PGN files for games …

chrss (chess by rss) update 22

By john

Another update for chrss. No major changes to the chess part itself, but I've just added a blog so I've got a dedicated place to discuss chrss.

This marks the start of me adding some actual "content" to chrss. Up until now chrss (as a site) has basically consisted of …

chrss (chess by rss) update 21

By john

Another update to chrss.

  • tweaked front page layout to make it clearer and show different options depending on if you are logged in or not
  • addition of a help section (with backend CMS for myself to add content to it).

At the moment the help section is not directly linked …

chrss (chess by rss) update 20

By john
  • Updated the user registration process, so hopefully it's a bit friendlier
  • Users now have a chance to resend their activation email if they have trouble activating their account
  • Tweaked filters for games on user's page:
    • "active" - games that it's your turn in or have had a move in the last …