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Fimo dinosaurs

I’ve been having a little Fimo renaissance lately. Partly due to using some Fimo for the nightlights I’ve made, but also from seeing some of the other wonderful things people like Joo Joo have made.

I saw a little guide on making photo stands out of plastic toy dinosaurs and magnets and thought that I could do the same using Fimo. I ordered some tiny magnets online, that had a 300g pull – enough to be quite strong, but not so strong they’d cause any injuries! I also got hold of a few more varieties of Fimo and set to work:

The complete set of fimo magnet dinosaurs

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Making a musical Robot Santa ornament using an ATtiny 85

William tests robot santa

In what is threatening to become a tradition, I made a Christmas ornament again this year. Last year I just made simple tree ornaments using sculpey and fimo.

This year things got a bit more involved, as I decided to make a musical model of the Robot Santa from Futurama. It was a good thing I started working on it in November, as it took quite a few evenings to get it all finished.

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Building an Aerographics me163 (komet) free flight model plane

When I was younger I built and flew a couple of radio-controlled (R/C) aeroplanes. These were made from kits and were of a fairly modern style, with foam core balsa-covered wings and covered with heat shrink plastic (attached using a small iron). The two planes I finished used small two stroke internal combustion engines running on glow fuel and had roughly 5′ wing spans. They were fairly sizeable. I found them a bit unnerving to fly as that propellor had quite a lot of force behind it and could easily of taken off a finger or more. I did get my licence to fly (which was mostly to meet the requirements for getting the 3rd party liability insurance the BMFA provided), but after a few crash/rebuilds I lost interest and moved on to other things. It also didn’t help that the nearest club was a fair drive away and I was too young to drive.

This marked the end of my youthful interest in aviation.

Like many children growing up in the 80’s aeroplanes were one of those things that you just seemed to know about. I knew far too many names and details about WW2 aircraft in particular. The TV always showed re-runs of Battle of Britain, 633 Squadron and The Dam Busters. Spitfire, Messerschmitt, Focke-Wulf, Hurricane, Mosquito, Lancaster, Heinkel were household names as far as I was concerned. Airfix kits were a regular fixture too.

I’d always wondered whether I’d get back into aeroplanes. Then when on holiday I happened on a model shop selling free flight balsa planes. I didn’t buy one then, but ended up going to the local model shop a few weeks later and came away with an
Aerographics M.e. 163 Komet kit:

Messerschmitt ME 163 Komet Kit

Much like the real ME 163 this kit could take a rocket motor. I opted to just make it a glider and would launch it with a bungee cord.

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