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A model train set in a suitcase – a seemingly never ending project

Over the past two years I’ve been working on my largest and most complicated electronics project yet.  My work on the project has ebbed and flowed, but it’s mostly finished.  So I thought I’d start writing up some notes on it.

The initial inspiration was seeing Jeff Faust’s Arduino controlled z-scale train set. I’d been toying with the idea of getting a train set even since my first child was born, but space was very much a premium in the house. So z-scale appealed greatly. It didn’t take much of a leap to then consider putting the train set inside a suitcase, so it’d be easy to store. So after saving up for a little bit, I picked up a Marklin z-scale starter set. I also picked up a turnout, a decoupler and a bit more track, so there was a little bit more interest to the layout.

Seeing what the z-scale layout looks like in suitcase with scenery mostly done

Although, it’s not finished, I wanted to get some of this written up now. If I wait till it’s actually finished it may be a long time. Hopefully I’ll go into more detail on a few bits at a later date as well. From an electronics point of view there are quite a few “modules” that would justify individual blog posts. For now I’m just going to provide an overview of my progress to date.

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A couple of ATtiny projects (ARC reactor + lighthouse)

Here are a couple of the other ATtiny projects I’ve worked on.  Only now just writing them up.  They are both pretty simple.

The first was an Iron Man style “ARC reactor” (the circle light in his chest) that I made to go with my son’s (shop bought) Iron Man costume.  It was just three blue LEDs covered in translucent Fimo, that light up in sequence, stay lit for a few seconds, then shut off in sequence.

Arc reactor on Iron Man costume

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LeChuck from Monkey Island cross-stitch with animated LEDs driven by an ATtiny

After acquiring some aida and a set of fairly cheap embroidery silks, I decided to try my hand at cross-stitch. As with a lot of craft related activities cross-stitch and embroidery are having a resurgence. The fact that cross-stitch is essentially the first form of pixel-art makes it perfect for rendering old-school 8bit/16bit graphics. Heading over to the Sprite Database I found the sprite for LeChuck from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

Nearly finished LeChuck cross-stitch + frame, button and electronics

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Making a musical Robot Santa ornament using an ATtiny 85

William tests robot santa

In what is threatening to become a tradition, I made a Christmas ornament again this year. Last year I just made simple tree ornaments using sculpey and fimo.

This year things got a bit more involved, as I decided to make a musical model of the Robot Santa from Futurama. It was a good thing I started working on it in November, as it took quite a few evenings to get it all finished.

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